Munkays Stole My Twinkies!


Be nice, knock before you enter.


Let’s knock off early!

Have you ever crave a nice cold beer, after a hard day’s work. Well that’s not going to happen anytime soon, here in Brunei. And here I stand with palms against my forehead, “WHY WHY? TELL ME WHY?”. Oh yeah, before I lose my sanity, let me share something with you guys. :)


What a Fab Party!

Weezer – Can’t Stop Partying (ft. Lil’ Wayne)

As we all know Weezer, they always manage to come up with something downright funny! Now in their latest track, rapper Lil’ Wayne is thrown into the mix. I wonder how’s that gonna work; Weezer is trying a “R&B/Party” number on this one. So far, it’s a really sweet track after a few listens, which gave me something to think about; like wanting to drink and just have fun. Their Album, Raditude, is in stores now.

“Monday to Sunday I hit all the clubs. And everybody know me when I pull up. I got the real big posse with me, yeah I’m deep. And if u lookin for me I’m in vip.”


Rivers Cuomo & Jermaine Dupri – Can’t Stop Partying.

Here a special video with a special cast from the likes of The Crash Kings, Yellowcard, Alkaline Trio, Melee, Reeve Oliver, and Ozma. Enjoy~! :)

Director – Travis Schneider
Camera Operator – Travis Schneider, Kyle Schneider, Daniel Field
Editor – Travis Schneider

Let's Bounce........... on my Giant Jello Castle!

Let's Bounce........... on my Giant Jello Castle!

A total surprise from Box Office, “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” is an animation gem from Sony Films. I jumped out from work early just to catch the movie yesterday, and to tell you frankly, I really didn’t expect Meatballs to be so hilariously fun to watch from Start to End!

The film starts in a small quiet little island fishing town which situated under the ‘A’ of the Atlantic, Chewandswallow. One day, a weather phenomenon befalls on the inhabitans of that town, and from there the adventure unfolds. So you guys who like laughter, adventure and lots of FOOD FLYING EVERYWHERE! Make sure you stop by your nearest cinema and check it out, it’s sure to be a truly delicious experience.

Warning! The film contains lots of varieties of yumilicious tantalizing food of all sizes and shapes. So it’s better to satisfy your tummy first before watching the movie, which i didn’t, but then again Meatballs will still wet your appetite within 2 hrs of viewing. Make sure to have dinner plans later on. :)

So if you haven’t seen it, Watch it! If you did, get it in BLU-RAY too! :)

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Trailer

Nice to meet you! Call me RUSSELL!


LMAO! Russel Peters is Indian/Canadian, and he’s one of my absolute faves when it come to stand up comedies. Most probably because his jokes reflects us Asians, and it’s something we can relate to and laugh about. Ok maybe his jokes are a bit exaggerated at times, but hey, he’s a comedian, that’s the key word here!

“Russel! Russel! Raaaseeeelll….. your show last night… your show last night!…. was MIND-BLAAASTING!”

I so happen to find one his clips on DailyMotion today, and I was like YAY! The vid doesn’t look very recent thou.. but still good for laughs. LOL! This one talks about women.. ok ok I better not go into details, coz it’s better you guys watched it yourself. Enjoy! :

Haha... narf~!

Haha... narf~!

Good Morning ya’ll, here’s a little laughter for the start of the day. I find Cyanide and Happiness very entertaining despite of how it looks, it sure is simple and down right cruel, LOL, nice. You guys can check it out yourself at


Alicia Keys – Doesn’t Mean Anything

Yeah.. Alicia’s released a new music video. And she’s doing the mountain thingy like one of Usher’s other songs. But she does make it look like a breeze. That reminds me, I should totally work out like that, lol.

Where my boss?

Eh! Where's my Dopey boss?

Oh! So Sleepy, It’s been really drizzly this couple of days. But no biggie, regardless of what’s happening outdoors, most Bruneians like to stay indoors and chillax. The worst that could happen during this time would be the bad reception for those who have Astro Entertainment receivers. I could imagine my mom back home right now furious bout not being able to watch those Hongky soap operas with all that interference.


Freelance Whales

A little something I’ve stumble upon while reading my regular music blogs. The Freelance Whales are truly gold, coming all the way from a little neighborhood in Williamsburg, Virginia. I learn to like them more after listening to Generator 2 track, the vocal and melodies are just pure goodness. Give it a listen ya’ll. ;)

Say Cheese!

Something to smile for.

As soon as this slow but undoubtedly the most sexiest slow tune I’ve ever fed my ears to recently, I was hooked. The XX originated from South London. Their songs are mostly bout sex if you take a careful listen, for me… it’s the vibe they delivered. Crystalised first track which caught me by surprised, really it did, and I’m glad it happened that way.

Other songs you should listen too are VCR, Islands, Shelter and Basic Space.

I want Bamboo Flavoured Candy!

I want Bamboo Flavoured Candy!

Fuyyaahh! How long has it been since I’ve last posted on a Blog. 3 years perhaps? Seems like forever. But yes, I’m back now with juicier rants and gossips (maybe?). Hopefully, I’ll be able bring it up a notch or two this time, so as to deliver more exciting stuff, like music and lifestyle issues. Yes, seems like a bold move for a so-called Kampung-Boy like me, then again it’s a chance for one to venture out and take life by the balls (ehem!).

So I welcome you to visit my site whenever you possibly can, and don’t be shy to drop me a msg or too. Here’s to good things peeps~!

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